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Established in 1998, we have emerged as a major manufacturer, supplier and service providing of various range of pulse Oximeter and hospital equipment. We offer a wide variety of medical equipment and health care products like Pulse Oximeter, Fingertip pulse Oximeter, Fetal pulse Oximeter, Handheld pulse Oximeter, Pediatric pulse Oximeter, Wrist band pulse Oximeter, Blood pressure monitor, Infusion pump, wheelchairs and walking aids etc.

We make use of premium grade materials procured from authentic vendors with advanced machines. We are a firm that is backed with a very strong infrastructure base and follow latest trends technologies in the market. Quality is a parameter we give our prime focus to and each product from our side goes through multiple quality checks before being dispatched and deliveries.


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Our main aim is a quality-oriented approach in manufacturing our offered products. Our whole quality associates keep an eye and every stage right from procurement of materials and components till the dispatch of finish products. The quality expert team conducts a strict testing on the procured range with the aid of requisite tools. Their enough inspection ensures that high quality assortment is delivered to our clients. There is some quality parameter on which we test chemicals are as follows.


we are a quality focused organization which understood and delivers an innovative solution for the greater good of our valuable customers which have to safe million of the patients around.


What mean by Pulse Oximeter ?


Pulse Oximeter are low cost non invasive medical device used to continuously measure the oxygen Saturation SpO2 of the hemoglobin in blood. Pulse Oximeter is a test for home use is small and very light in weight monitors which painless attach to a finger trip to monitor the amount of the oxygen level in your blood. As we see that each and every organ of the body needs oxygen to survive without its impossible to live and eventually die. It can quickly identify even little changes in how proficiently oxygen is being conveyed to the limits uttermost from the heart, including the legs and the arms.


Pulse Oximeter uses :-


The main purpose of the pulse oximetry is to the check oxygen level of the body or how well your heart is pumping oxygen through your body. It is mainly used to monitor the health of an individual with some type of condition that can affect blood oxygen levels especially when they are admitted in the hospitals. It includes some condition like

  • Asthma
  • Lung cancer
  • Heart Attack
  • Congenital Heart Diseases
  • Chronic obstructive air disease
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and others

For this, all doctors highly recommend exercise to improve their physical stamina and overall fitness. Highly we also see pilot’s mountain climber and people in high altitudes also use pulse Oximeters to help guard against hypoxia. There are some common uses of the pulse Oximeter like

  • To assess whether somebody needs help breathing
  • To screen oxygen levels amid or after surgeries that require sedation
  • To survey how well another lung drug is functioning
  • when treatment is new to decide how successful supplemental oxygen treatment is particularly
  • Athletes in high altitude training the reduction in oxygen level can increase red blood cells in athletes.


How to read pulse Oximeter :-


Pulse Oximeter are devices highly used for measuring the amount of the oxygen in the blood by measuring a quantity known as oxygen Saturation or SpO2. The SpO2 is a measurement of the percentage of hemoglobin molecules which are bound to oxygen. When it is bound to the oxygen hemoglobin color changes. By using a sensor that detects the color changes in the blood due to the movement of oxygen this when hemoglobin, pulse Oximeters reading can determine the amount of oxygen in the blood which is useful for the patient respiratory function.

  • A SpO2 of greater than 95% is generally considered to be normal
  • A SpO2 of less than 92% suggest hypoxemia.


Benefits of Pulse Oximeter:-

  • Pulse oximetry allows you to monitor vital signs continuously during research study or surgical procedures.
  • No disturbance of physiology for occlusion or change in blood volume
  • It can be measured with the simple clip that can be easily attached
  • Low cost
  • Help to monitor oxygen saturation level in people under anesthesia
  • Monitoring oxygen saturation over time
  • Highly useful for the new born as alerting to dangerous low oxygen level
  • No maintenance or up keep on primary measuring device
  • No expensive calibration fluids or gas tanks
  • No daily, weekly or monthly call procedure


How to Work Pulse Oximeter In Covid-19:-


A Pulse Oximeter is measure the absorption of specific wavelength of light in oxygen hemoglobin as one is visible in the red beam, the other an invisible infrared beam from LED emitters set inside the device at one side of the finger tip. During this operation pulse oximetry reading a small clamp like device is placed on a finger or toe. A Small beam like light is passes through the blood in the finger measuring the amount of the oxygen. It is a painless process. Using these differences in the reading the blood oxygen content is calculated.

Two different methods are used for transmitting light through the transmitting medium.

  • Transmission method :- In the Transmission method the Transmitter the LED and benefit of photograph indicator are put on the inverse side of the finger. In this strategy this finger will be put between the LED's and the photograph identifier. At the point when the finger is set a piece of the light will be consumed by the finger and some part will be achieved by the photograph identifier. Presently with every heart beat there will be an increment in volume of blood stream this will bring about more light getting consumed by the finger so less light achieves the photograph locator.
    This distinction between the trough and the pinnacle esteem is the reflection esteem because of blood stream on the most fundamental level beat of the person body.
  • Reflectance method :- In Reflective strategy, the LED and the photograph identifier are put on a similar side. In this method, there will be some settled light reflection back to the finger. With every heart beat there will be an expansion in blood volume in the finger this will bring about more light reflection back to the sensor. A fixed low esteem perusing is there in the middle of the heart thumps this esteem can be considered as consistent reflection esteem is the reflection because of blood stream on the most fundamental level beat.

In this, both cases you can see them through the top in reflected light happen at every heart beat between the two spikes can be used to the measure the person heart rate. So we can also say that typical heart sensor module consists of only on Transmitter LED and one photograph finder.


Different Type of Digital Pulse Oximeter:-


Our main aim is a quality-oriented approach in manufacturing our offered products. Our whole quality associates keep an eye and every stage right from procurement of materials and components till the dispatch of finish products. The quality expert team conducts a strict testing on the procured range with the aid of requisite tools. Their enough inspection ensures that high quality assortment is delivered to our clients. There is some quality parameter on which we test chemicals are as follows.

Finger pulse Oximeter :- Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter is the most common type of Oximeter that you find today highly in the market. These are highly used by the patient healthcare professional and sports enthusiast. It shape of an alligator clip and has to be put on the pulse and earlobe these come with the huge clear LED clear screen that gives out accurate SpO2 and pulse rate details within seconds. If there is any blood clot on the hand then this pulse Oximeter will not give the perfect reading.

Fetal pulse Oximeter :- A new born child's fingers are exceptionally very small along these lines sit requires a specific screen to read the oxygen saturation levels of a child. Fetal Pulse Oximeters are solely intended to test the pulse quality and generally speaking wellbeing of another conceived or newborn child. These can be put on the new born child head so they help to get readings specifically from the skull, with the assistance of infra-red rays.

Handheld pulse Oximeter :- A Handheld Pulse Oximeter is what medical institutes and hospital use the machine is slightly more sophisticated. The screen is not attached to the clip. The reading of blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rate is displayed on a monitor that is connected to the main instrument with the help of the cables. A similar infrared ray is passed through this device too, to get the reading. The clip is attached in the toe to get the reading.

Wrist band pulse Oximeter :- As the name only indicates there is a pulse Oximeter can be worn around the wrist of patients. This is great for measuring the oxygen saturation levels and pulse rates. This Wrist band pulse Oximeter is highly used in the hospital when the patient is sleeping constant monitoring storing pulse rate and amazing them to understand the health of the patient.

Oximetry Parts and Accessories :- Oximetry parts and accessories for our range of pulse Oximeters is having power supplies, AC adapters, Battery charge, tabletop stands and cables. AsWe also offer a wide variety of pulse Oximeter, wheel chair, walking aids, Blood pressure monitor, and medical equipment etc. it provide reliable spot check measurement on adult, children and infant patients.


How does a pulse Oximeter measure :-


The oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood which is measure the average amount of the oxygen bound to each hemoglobin molecules. The Percentage saturation is given in the digital readout. The pulse rate in beats per unit averaged over 5 to 20 seconds.

Pulse Oximeter will not give any information related to like

  • The oxygen content of the blood
  • The cardiac output or blood pressure
  • The amount of the oxygen dissolved in the blood
  • The respiratory rate or tidal volume
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